• Camfil receives the environmental award from NOBELUX [2012-09-27]

    Eurovent was invited by the Camfil Farr Group to celebrate with them the NOBELUX “General Sustainability award” for Camfil's outstanding environmental achievements.

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  • CEN/TC 44 resolutions taken during last meeting held on 23 March 2012 in Milan. [2012-04-02]

    New Working Groups for new standards have been set up by CEN Mandate 495 in relation to the Ecodesign Regulation related to the preparatory study Lot 1: Refrigeration and freezing equipment.

    CEN/TC 44 intends to highlight that Condensing Units and Chillers for Refrigeration use are not Heat Pumps or Air Conditioning appliances but Professional Appliances as per common business definition and EC mandate M/495 definition, and requires CMC to clarify the role and responsibility of CEN/TC44 and CEN/TC 113 with respect to Condensing Units and Chillers standardisation.

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  • Good news, immediate ratification of EN 779:2012 (Filters) [2012-03-23]

    We received through our “CEN” network the confirmation that CEN Technical Board (CEN-BT) voted for immediate ratification of EN779 2012. We understood that all participating countries were well prepared and it seems that UNI also admit the resolution as an acceptable compromise. So with this positive vote the UNI appeal against the ratification of EN 779 is considered as settled.

    Next step for CEN is to proceed with the publication of EN 779. It should occur within the next 4 weeks and European countries will have 6 month to integrate the new standard.

    In other words at the end of this year we have our new (updated) standard the industry is looking for.

    We understood as well that CEN/TC 195 is asked to initiate an immediate review of EN 779 in order to consider the comments from the UNI appeal and to inform CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC) of the timeframe for such a review.

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  • Bad news, voting EN 779:2012 (Filters) disaproved [2012-02-01]

    We received the information from CEN that the result of the vote among the CEN Technical Board (CEN-BT) on EN779-2012: Particulate air filters for general ventilation - Determination of the filtration performance was “disapproved”

    Total 22 approvals were received so nearly whole Europe and only Italy (UNI) emitted a fundamental disagreement. For a lot of CEN-TC participants who worked for many years on this standard it was disappointed and frustrated to hear that only one country can block their voluntary work done so far.

    We understood that it is now up to CEN-BT to decide what to do with the appeal from Italy and hopefully they will do it during the March meeting. We are convinced that CEN-BT will make a wise decision and that the revised EN779 will be soon the new standard.

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